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User Guide of Rowing machine:

Do you want to add a spark to your Cardio schedule? If yes than rowing exercise is the most suitable to raise ones Cardio routine. Rowing melts away calories rapidly and contributes a lot in weight loss. It also strengthens the legs and arm muscles and makes them well toned. That’s why on the subject of weight-loss, men and women rely far more on rowing workout in comparison with other exercise equipment. Do you know that you cannot get maximum advantages of rowing workout if you do not properly learn how to use a rowing machine?

Points to Consider Before Using a Rowing Machine:

There are particular things that you should consider before starting rowing workout. The first thing to consider is wearing fitted clothes for exercise so that no cloth fiber gets caught in the machine during exercise. As newcomers do not set high resistance as you will become easily exhausted. Start with low resistance and kept it within range of 3-4 level. Keep your stroke rate also lies within the range of 13-16 strokes per minute.

How to Use a Rowing Machine properly?

Following is the step by step guideline of using a rowing machine properly:

Getting Started :-

For starting a rowing workout sit on the seat and place your feet on the foot pads. Then grip the handles and extends your arm in the direction of the flywheel. Keep your arms straight and comfortably adapt on your seat. For maintaining exact body gesture slightly lean your hips in forward direction.

Drive Step:

When you are settled start rowing workout by extending legs and push them against foot pads. Keep your wrist and back firm and transfer your energy to handle for moving rowing machine. As soon as your knees are straightened slightly bends your hands and lean your upper body back.

Finishing step:

Lean back slightly at the hips and extend your legs. Turn the elbows and keep the handle at the abdomen. Then gradually extend your Hands and return the handle to the flywheels. Move your upper body in forward direction and gradually bend knees to get into starting position.

Previously listed methods briefly elaborates how to use a rower. The most important thing is to maintain a proper body gesture while doing the workout. For instance, if you lean your body more in the forward direction than normal position it may lead to back pain. In the same way improper movement of arms for rowing can also produce unwanted strain in muscles. So, try to maintain proper body gesture while doing the exercise. Initially, it might appear tough as your body has not built stamina to do exercise. But practicing it on a regular basis not only builds your stamina, but also increase your muscle ability.

General Tips:

Along with knowing how to use a rowing machine, you must also know about the minimum time you should use this machine. The time varies from person to person depending on your age and fitness level . If you are older then it is not suggested doing a difficult workout for longer periods. Similarly, if you have a well maintained body with reasonable weight, then working for 30 minutes is enough, but if you are overweight then you must spend more time on this machine.

If you are using rowing machine for the first time, then start with just 15 minutes of workout and slowly increase time every day. You must also keep your eye on the monitor in order to know the distance covered and volume of calories burnt. Almost every best rowing machine has an electronic system that tells this detail.

Finally, I assure that, this article provides satisfying answer to those people who want to know how to use a rowing machine properly?

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